California Psychics - The Joy of Certainty

Digital Matte Painting

Our talented team collaborated closely with creatives and the art department to craft otherworldly environments. To start, we began by designing the sets entirely in 3D, providing a clear blueprint for the actual set. This seamless integration allowed us to effortlessly blend digital matte painting with physical elements, resulting in breathtakingly realistic set extensions. Subsequently, Postoffice meticulously brought the captivating scenes to life, skillfully enhancing them with the cloud-prop above Katy’s head. As a result, the final product presents a harmonious balance between realism and surrealism.


Are you feeling clouded by doubts? Clear away those doubts, and experience the joy of certainty!
In the same vein, this campaign visualizes the cloudy and sometimes lost feelings we can experience in life. Specifically, the ad features ‘Kathy’, a successful woman in her mid-30s, who is plagued by doubts and uncertainties. These doubts manifest as a giant cloud that hovers over her head, hindering her decision-making and progress in life. In essence, this advertisement serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of self-reflection and understanding our emotions. It encourages viewers to face their own uncertainties head-on and come out stronger. When you need guidance and clarity, California Psychics has got you covered!


The grade for the whole campaign was done by our in-house senior-colourist Patski who worked tirelessly on the lighting, colour grading, and other details to ensure that the final product looked realistic, and that the CGI elements looked like they were part of the physical set. In addition, Patski’s attention to detail and expertise were crucial in achieving the desired result, which was a visually stunning and cohesive final product that effectively conveyed the intended message of the project. Notably, having grade in the same facility as the VFX department at Postoffice gives us the advantage of having these two work together perfectly, making sure each film gets the look it deserves.

Check out this mad piece of work from Chris Balmond together with KROW London.