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Oostenburgervoorstraat 85-87
1018 MP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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Visual Effects

Corné Overbeeke
+31 (0)6 270 31 717
corne [at]

Sound & Music

Jurriaan Balhuizen
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Voice Casting

Florens & Puck
+31 (0)6 575 47 154
voice [at]

About Postoffice Amsterdam

Launched in 1986, Postoffice is a well-known post production facility in the heart of Amsterdam. We work with a diverse range of clients across advertising, film and TV. Being part of the post production industry for over 35 years, we have a wealth of experience to tap into. However much know-how we have, we like to take the road less travelled. Each job is different from the next and requires a different approach. Because of this we are always on the lookout for fresh ideas and new perspectives. We are a spirited and unique bunch of individuals that enjoy taking on new projects.

Careers Voice Casting

Vacature – Voice Casting Producer | Parttime – 3 dagen: (Woe), Do, Vrij

Postoffice Voice Casting zoekt een nieuwe producer om het team parttime te versterken.

Als Voice Casting Producer cast je de stemmen voor grote campagnes binnen de Nederlandse en buitenlandse reclamewereld. Daarnaast begeleid je de processen van casting tot opname, en ben je mede-aanspreekpunt voor de klanten en stemmen voor de projecten waar je voor gecast hebt.

Je hebt een zeer scherp oog voor detail, bent goed met cijfers en offertes, kunt goed presteren onder druk, bent flexibel, spreekt en schrijft goed Nederlands én Engels, en hebt een goed oor.

Ervaring in de casting- / post-productie wereld is een pre. Affiniteit met acteurs en voice-overs is prettig.

Je komt te werken in een team van 3 personen, op een afdeling binnen het bruisende postproductie bedrijf Postoffice, in hartje Amsterdam.

Stuur een mail met jouw motivatie + CV naar voice [at]

Careers Visual Effects

Postoffice is on the lookout for new talent. We’re active in both VFX in live action as well as full CGI productions. Ideal candidates have experience in both. As can be seen on our work page and reel. We do a lot of creature/character work. Affinity with this type of work would be preferred. However we do all sorts of VFX, so a wide variety of experience is very important too.

CG Generalist with animation skills (junior/mid)

Come join our expert team of artists on the 3D department. Ideal candidate has CG generalist experience, meaning at least lookdev & lighting but more generalist skills preferred. Next to this they possess skills in animating both photoreal animals and stylized characters.. Postoffice specializes in CGI creatures and animals but we do a whole range of different VFX work. As a CG artist at Postoffice we expect you to deliver a high level of quality control and be able to slapcomp your own shots before handing them over to the compositing department.  Tasks include:

  • Animating photoreal or stylized characters/creatures
  • Asset creation
  • Lighting/ lookdev
  • Basic compositing
  • Animation skills is not a requirement but would be a big plus
  • Working within the team, communication with clients, directors, agencies and producers in a clear way.
  • Creative input. We do a lot of creative work and our artist communicate directly with directors and agency creatives.
  • Lighting for VFX. Matching the CGI lighting exactly to the light from the live action plate


  • Knowledge of VFX pipelines.
  • Open to junior/mid/senior
  • Understanding of CG techniques and softwares. We use Houdini and V-ray.
  • Some FX knowledge is a big plus.
  • Strong understanding of light, color and composition
  • Good team player.
  • High standard of quality control
  • Ability to work as part of a team and take feedback positively.
  • Set supervision experience would be nice. We like to give all our artists the option to go to shoots and supervise. We can teach you if you don’t have experience in this.

Send us an email to apply


We’re always looking for talented animators for freelance/short term contracts. Both realistic and stylized animations, however we focus on realism.

Send us an email to apply

Compositing / VFX Artist

Postoffice looking for talented compositing /VFX artists to join our team. We’re looking for artists with both creative and technical skills. As a compositor you’ll be responsible for integration of CGI elements into live action plates. The ideal candidate should be comfortable working with clients and the VFX team, have a good eye for detail and expert knowledge of Nuke. Composits for Postoffice’s high end projects can get complex, so working in a neat and orderly fashion together with your team-mates is key.  Some of the tasks include:

  • Compositing live action plate, CG renders of a combination
  • Collaborating with the comp team as well as CG, production, directors, agencies etc
  • Green screen keying, compositing live action plates together etc
  • Complex 2D and 3D camera tracks
  • Photoreal set extensions using matte paintings, 3D camera projection etc
  • Intricate beauty work
  • Full CGI compositing and enhancements
  • Paint and rotoscoping


  • Excellent people skills and team spirit
  • Attention to detail
  • Problem solving skills
  • Strong knowledge of multi pass compositing in Nuke
  • Great skill in roto, keying, tracking
  • Knowledge of CGI packages such as Maya would be a plus.

Send us an email to apply


Postoffice is looking for TD’s to work within the VFX team on the technical side of things.  You’ll be creating tools for the 2D/ 3D departments and expand/improve the overall pipeline. We’re also open to compositors or CG artists with strong technical skills to take on these responsibilities while still working on VFX.
The tech you will be working with consists of Python, Qt for Python and Mysql. For deployment we recently started using Docker in combination with Ansible.

Send us an email to apply


We are always open to intern applications for art, audio and communication.

Send us an email to apply



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