Visual Effects

High-end post production

Postoffice Amsterdam is a creative studio offering all post production services such as editing, 3D, animation, compositing, grading and online finishing. Located in the center of Amsterdam we work with agencies and production companies within and beyond our borders. As one of the market leaders in the integration of CG elements in real life footage, we invest heavily in our in-house 3D technology. Our international team consists of artists and supervisors from around the globe with experience for all major agencies, brands, Netflix and Hollywood studios.


Combining top design, craft and in-house technology our team brings beautiful characters to any screen. From photoreal to stylized we craft characters that connect with a global audience.

characters animation design animals CGI visual effects



Our creatures are built anatomically correct from bones to fur. Constant development of proprietary technology allows us to speed up these traditionally time consuming steps. Allowing us to bring these techniques, traditionally reserved for the motion picture industry, to the advertising world.




We create photorealistic cars for any screen. We design and produce high-end 3D visualizations, animations and visual effects for the car industry.

Our photorealistic outcome is used for images, films and interactive applications like a car configurator. Among others we work for brands such as Volkswagen, Volvo, Toyota, Renault, and Lexus.

CGI car replacement

We are specialized in replacing products in existing content by using CGI. This enables brands to efficiently reuse content such as TV commercials, product stills and animations. Our VFX team is able to replace original products with e.g. a new product pack or even a complete new car.

On the right an example of how we replaced a Renault car. The red Renault is original and the black Renault is created in CGI.


Build in collaboration with directors and agency creatives the Postoffice crowd tool focusses on directability. Several easy to understand sliders control massive amounts of characters in realtime. Allowing the director to have instant feedback and try out ideas.

The Postoffice crowd tool offers full creative freedom for every crowd project. Initially build for stadiums but useful in any situation that requires a big amount of characters. The characters are fully customizable in look and movements.

The stadium toolkit is a unique piece of software which enables us to create any type of stadium with quick turnaround. A couple of sliders control the rings, rows and aisles to quickly create a unique stadium. Select primary colors, import flags and the entire stadium will quickly have the desired look. This can be done in realtime allowing instant director feedback for quick turnarounds.

VFX supervisors

Boyo Frederix

Our Creative Director Boyo has more than 10 years experience in the international advertising industry. Boyo joined Postoffice Amsterdam, after working as VFX supervisor at MPC London.

At MPC London he has supervised projects for Hubside, BMW and Hennessy, collaborating with world-class directors including Matthijs Van Heijningen Jr, his father Matthijs Van Heijningen Sr, Dante Ariola and Ridley Scott.

Boyo won best Visual Effects with Hennessy in Cannes Lions 2019, D&AD (Directors and Art Directors) award, ADC award and the AEAF (animation and effects) award. At Postoffice Amsterdam he heads up the team and is the driving force in our ever improving 3D technology.


Fraser Keen

With experience in Hollywood and Netflix productions at Zoic Studios Fraser joined Postoffice Amsterdam to lead the 3D team. He gathered unique skills in 3D animation and dynamics during the production of Game of Thrones, Arrow, The Flash and ‘The 100’.

Overseeing a range of award- winning and industry leading projects, Fraser leads creative problem solving across the department, effectively supervising the design, build and animation of everything from CGI characters to dynamic effects.



Bram Vleugel

Combining his knowledge about cinematography and compositing he has worked in feature film and advertising. Over the last decade at Postoffice Amsterdam he supervised projects for major agencies and brands such as G-Star, Volkswagen, Lexus and T-mobile.

He leads the 2D department of Postoffice Amsterdam, excels in VFX supervision on set and acts as a creative partner for directors. He is passionate about integrating CGI elements in real life footage.