Grading Reel Postoffice x Patski

Postoffice Grading reel with grades by our senior colourist Patski. Het eclectic style makes for impressive grades, no matter what kind of film she grades. She’s well versed in setting looks for epic ads as well as more intimate work. Open to in-house grading or remote anywhere in the world. Patski has been part of the Postoffice family for over 15 years. Throughout her career she’s worked with the best directors and D.O.P’s from around the world. One of her recent grades was for an epic ad featuring a dragon. The material was shot by DOP Fabian Wagner, known for his work on Game of Thrones. She delivered an amazing grade worthy of this high end footage. Check out the ad on our work page.

Grading Amsterdam

Patski’s workflow is detail oriented, discusses references with director and DOP to establish a look and feel for a film and then builds up the grade so it takes the viewer along and her colors enhance the story. She’s the colourist of choice for many of the international campaigns Postoffice produces. Grading for brand such as Lenovo, Lexus, Rituals, O’Neill, Vodafone & Zespri

Please contact for more info and availability.

The ease of Remote Grading

Color grading always involves reviewing and, most of the time, real-time input from a director, dop, or client. We’ve been working on an increasing number of international collaborative projects, where reliable and hassle free remote grading is key. Streaming the output to all parties involved sounds like an easy solution. But most streaming solutions are not real-time, have bad color management, and have even worst compression.

When grading at Postoffice you are able to review in real-time from wherever you are located, and stream colour and frame-accurate footage in HD 10-bit colour depth, 4:2:2 chroma sampling and extreme low latency. Whether watching on a calibrated monitor, your laptop, an iPad or even an iPhone, it’s as simple as clicking a secure link and join the live grading session! When you’re not waiting for renders, file upload and download or feedback, you’re free to create and collaborate faster than ever before.