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A better way to craft crowd and stadium films

Whether it’s filling streets, squares, stadiums or theatres, Postoffice’s in-house tools are able to generate large numbers of phororeal CGI people with fast turnarounds.

Our tools can generate thousands of unique characters with ultimate precision. Input custom colors to make a crowd match a certain sports team, add flags for country specific celebrations or change up clothes based on certain time periods.

Our stadium tools help our artists to generate highly customizable stadiums on the fly. With modules for any type of stadium we’re ready for any type of shot wether it’s football, baseball, basketball or any other. With easy to use controls a director can join our artists in a realtime session to create a stadium based on their specific wishes.

“These tools bring down production times by up to 75% compared to industry standards and change the way filmmakers can create shots on any budget.”  


Before and after stills of Usain Bolt film, created with Postoffice Crowd & Stadium:

crowd stadium postoffice visual effectscrowd stadium postoffice VFX

Create crowds in 4 easy steps

At Postoffice, we like making difficult things easy. We’ve broken it down to the essentials and came up with a 4 step method to create beautiful shots with fast turnaround times. These are the main steps in creating shot using the Postoffice in-house Crowd & Stadium tools:

  1. Select your stadium shape
  2. Customize stadium details
  3. Pick countries/teams for your supporters
  4. Set the movements the supporters have

Any stadium

The crowd & stadium tools can be used for any type of stadium, be it Football, Basketball, American Football, Baseball, Formule 1, Hockey etc.

In this example where we added crowd to the existing F1 course in Zandvoort. We’ve set-up the tools in a way that we can do full CGI stadiums + crowd or only add crowd to a plate shot in actual stadiums.

Any crowd

Crowds can be found anywhere and are needed a lot in advertising/film productions. The tool also allows us to fill squares with masses of people and have them walk, run and interact with one another to create lively scenes without much hassle on set.

Our tools make sure the look of every character is unique. Choose plainclothes people or sports supporters, whatever fits the brief.

Every shot requires an unique approach. Together we determine which technology is best; 2D plate composition, full CGI or hybrid.

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