Sound & Music

Making your content audible

Postoffice Sound & Music is based in the high-end multi-studio facilities of Postoffice post-production in Amsterdam. We offer premium sound & music services for brands, advertising, media and the interactive worlds.



New York Knicks - Nights

Sound Design

Beeps, clicks, opening doors, fast moving cars, yellow laser swords… We know how to make it sound real and blend it perfectly with the footage, voice-over and music. We remember having discussed the sound of a piece of cheddar cheese for over 20 minutes. Yes, we do take sound design seriously. We also offer services like foley recording, voice-over recording and mixing & mastering.

Koning Toto - Sjaak Swart

Music Production & Composition

With our comprehensive network of artists we produce any kind of music for any kind of goal and any kind of content. Music that enhances, boosts and underlines your material. Whether you need an orchestral piece, a pumping floorfiller or a killer speedmetal-track: we’ll make it. Some of our composers and performers have played the biggest stages in the world. Others actually never left their home studio. All of them have in common that they excel in their field and deliver top-notch quality.

McDonald's 1955

Music re-recording

We are specialists at making cover versions of any kind of song into a freshly made recording that exactly sounds like the original, or realises the artistic interpretation of your own preference. We’re collaborating with a broad range of artists who are specialised in creating sounds that reflect work of all ages, of any genre. Using a re-recording can be a cost- efficient option, or just give that extra bite to the original that you missed.

Transavia - Happy

Music consultancy & Sync

With over 40 years of combined professional experience our creatives know how a brand or film should sound. And they are ready to advice you in case you’re wondering what your content needs. Our advice can result in a tailor-made production or re-recording, but sometimes you just can’t beat an existing track. We have speed dial buttons for the biggest publishers and major labels in case that is the way to go. We can also take care of all the legal stuff (publishing & master licenses).

Jaguar - 3D Audio


Our listening behaviour has changed drastically since we’re using smartphones and laptops all the day. But in the meanwhile we’re still mostly listening to regular stereo mixes… The answer to that? 3D-audio. To continue delivering the best sound we joined forces with Timber 3D, and we developed the necessary tools to bring full cinematic sound to headphones and small speakers. The final result serves your creative vision. Truly as amazing as it sounds!

Royal Club - Headin' for the City

Postoffice Sound and Music - History

Postoffice Sound & Music was founded in 2004 as Good Sounds, a boutique music production agency, by Jurriaan Balhuizen, Pieter Brouwer and Ad Rietvelt. Based at the offices of Postoffice, one of the leading Postproduction collectives in The Netherlands.

From october 1st 2019 we’ve decided to integrate even further in our ‘mother company’ and to expand our services and continue under the name: Postoffice Sound and Music.

We create music and sound design and do sync licensing for the advertising, film/broadcasting and interactive worlds. Together with an ever-growing army of composers, that cover any style and genre that you can think of, we work on our main goal: supplying music that underlines, enhances, boosts and supports your content. We have worked with some of the biggest brands that are active on our globe and helped them to use music as an instrument to amplify their sales and connect to their audience. We have supplied audio & music services for numerous brands, TV-productions, films and series to push the limits of their content. So whether you’re looking for sonic branding, music consultancy, sound design or the licensing of an existing track: we do it all. And we’re there to assist you in the process.