Voice Casting

Voice casting for tv, internet, radio commercials and much more.

Postoffice Voice Casting is the legacy of Tone of Voice. Having built a beautiful database with talented voice artists, Tone of Voice has become a house-hold name within the advertising industry in the Netherlands and beyond.

We remain the fast-responding, cheerfully-replying and original-idea-pitching voice over casting agency. The only thing that has changed is our name. New name, same everything else. We have always been part of Postoffice Amsterdam, but now have taken the name as well.

Independent business

Postoffice Voice Casting is an independent business, meaning you can book a voice artist and use our services, and record in a studio of your choice. That studio can—of course—be ours, but also any other desired studio in The Netherlands or elsewhere.

If you need an artist who has their own recording facilities, please let us know in your casting briefing. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Voice Casting - showreel



Are you looking for a voice over artist?

We cast on a no-cure no-pay basis, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, or if the project gets canceled, no worries, there’s no obligation. We’re happy to help!

Send us your casting briefing and we’ll make some magic.
We will send you a selection of demo’s, especially selected for your project.
Let us know your shortlist, and we will check for availability and fee’s.

Did you find your ideal voice artist for your project? We love it!
We charge a 20% booking and casting fee above the fee of the chosen voice artist.
We’ll remain your go-to person for as long as the chosen voice artist remains the voice of the account. In addition, we can also advise on fees, contracts, exclusivity and much more.

Casting Possibilities

Would you like a personalized casting? Do you need extra information before you can make a final decision on the voice artist you want to use?

Would you like to attend a casting session, where you can hear/see our talents live in action? We offer a reduced studio fee for casting sessions. Just send us an email, so we can explore the possibilities.

Also, if you’d like to hear your copy done by our artists as part of the casting, don’t be shy, just ask. There’s more possible than you might think.


Our database has a wide range of artists. In addition to our Dutch database, we can also help you find an experienced English (UK or US native), German, French, Italian or Spanish artists. Have a special request? Try us!

We regularly scout for new talent and invite them to our studios to record a demo. We coach them, direct them and give them advice on how to succeed in the business, behind the microphone and beyond.

How to apply as a voice over?

Are you a professional voice artist and would you like to be added to our database?

Send us your demos in mp3 to voice@postoffice.nl and we will look into your application.

If you don’t have any demos and/or have little to no experience, record a commercial script with your smartphone, and email it to us. After that we can determine whether we can add you to our database and/or whether we’d like to invite you to record a demo at our studio.

If you are invited to record a demo, you can choose to buy your demo in mp3. The costs for this demo are €150 plus VAT.

Are you already in our database? New material is always a good idea!