New Years

Teaming up with Vice – Virtue and Mr.Frank, Postoffice was tasked with creating the post for Borjomi’s latest television commercial. For this commercial we created a CGI plant animation.

The spot shows our main character dealing with the busy nature of hosting a party. Once taking a sip of the Borjomi product, a Rejuvination effect is called in which the environment around them gives a feeling of growth and refreshment.

CGI plant animation

After perfectly matching the set in 3D, or team of artists grew plants, grass and other vegetation around the environment to drive the growth aspect. From there, we simulated drops of water dynamically rising and swirling for a refreshing feel. Upon being rejuvinated, our hero opens the door to a stylized stag that acts as a mascot for the brand. This surrealism is pushed further as we enter a new scene for the party on a mountain top that was composited with drone footage and matte-painting.

The team had a lot of fun recreating this effect in our own way, while staying true to the Borjomi branding.