Postoffice CREATE!

Full service creative production company

Postoffice CREATE! is a full service creative production company. We provide all services involved in developing audiovisual productions like commercials or online video content. From strategy up to and including mediaplanning. And all steps in between! Postoffice CREATE! is the one stop shop for agencies and advertisers.

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Create content efficiently

We are the one stop shop for agencies and advertisers. One full service production company with one project manager for every step of your project. Making the process easier, faster and above all more (cost) efficient. Because we are originally a post production house you will get more production value for your ‘buck’.

Call Corne at Postoffice for more information about the possibilities for your project: 0627031717 or send an email to

Benefits advertisers

Postoffice CREATE! easier, faster and more value for money. The new production company:

  • All skills in house from strategy & concept to mediaplanning
  • One point of contact from start to finish
  • Faster turnaround time of content creation
  • One clear budget, no surprises

Strategy & Concept

We start every project with strategy: the goal, target audience, media, formats, budget, media… etc, etc. The works! Or even better: our client already has a strategy and we go straight to developing a creative brief. Based on this brief our creatives will develop a minimum of three creative proposals… That can be scripts for a commercial, a single tag-on, a brand movie, social content but it also can be a concept for a full campaign. Since we originally are a postproduction house we will make a test edit or animated storyboard that will give you a good impression of the ‘finished product’.


After the script is approved we will start pre-production. Location, cast, project management & planning, crew, equipment, insurance, permits, props, food styling, catering… you name it, we will take care of it. After a PPM in which we present you with all our choices and options it is time to shoot!

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Post production

After the shoot we start editing. If the edit is approved we will take care of the rest: audio, voice over-casting and recording, music composing or music clearance, grading, vfx, art work and titles… you name it, we take care of it. We have an extended team of 3D artists and compositors in house. Whether you need sketches, concepting, 3D animation or compositing, we’re here to help. Last, Postoffice Amsterdam has multiple animation directors to create films audiences connect with. Everything that is needed to finish and to perfect your new commercial, tagon or brand movie.


Maybe you already have a media agency and a media plan. If so… great. We will deliver your production in all the needed formats and sizes to all different media around the globe. Do you need advice or planning for media. No problem, we can help you with that too.

What can we do for you?

Postoffice CREATE! offers all services needed to create great marketing content. We can take care of the whole process, or you can just ask us for a specific activity. In all cases, we’re here to help you.

production company postoffice amsterdam