Compositing magical elements

Compositing magical elements for HEKS’NKAAS

Postoffice teamed up again with creative & director Patrick de Zeeuw to create this magical HEKS’NKAAS ad. Postoffice was involved from the beginning when Patrick brought in his early ideas and sketches all the way till delivery. The story shows the production of HEKS’NKAAS and all the magic it brings. Our VFX wizards made the magical full moon backdrops as well as making all the floating utensils. All the VFX were done in compositing. Instead of going for CGI milk baskets, knives etc we choose to film it all for real using green sticks and gloves so we could use the real props and make them float in compositing.

Grading in Amsterdam

The grade was once again done by senior colourist Patski. Adding to her long list of amazing grades. She always is able to capture the feeling of an ad. Making it magical with moody grades for indoor and outdoor situations while still making the food look delicious and fresh.

Postoffice Sound & Music

The Postoffice Sound & Music team was on board again. Jurriaan re-recorded the actress in the sound studio to get a more intimate feel, Marcel worked on sound design to give the visual effects even more depth and richness, and altered the music provided to give it the magic that the ad deserves. Chances are that you saw the ad in the cinema as well, with a Dolby Surround mix to spread the magical soundscape throughout the theatre. Oh, you’re in Belgium? Don’t worry, we covered the local market there with a beautiful Flemish dub as well.