Slimste Keuze

Game cinematic style TV commercial

We use our phones for everything these days. Online shopping, sharing opinions, watching game cinematic clips, learning, gaming and dating to name a few. Postoffice helped visualize these use cases  in a new spot for Dutch telecom brand Youfone, and created a 3D shooter game scene among other cool visuals. You can use your phone to watch this fun ad too, of course!


game cinematicgame cinematic style
game cinematic

Music production

And we bet you were already wondering where that tasty soundtrack comes from! We were asked to create tailor-made music for the whole campaign. In the longer edits the track works as a filmic underscore first. It then smoothly changes into the music that plays in the club where Ruben and his date meet. This works really well by building up the arrangement, and adding some nice mixing tricks on the transition from underscore to live. In the shorter edits the music  helps in recognition of the Youfone brand, and works like a relaxed underscore.

The big advantage of letting us create music for your spot opposed to using library music, is that it’s far more flexible to get the right vibe. It’s also possible to make changes for different edits, like buildup or overall amount of energy. On top of that, you can even decide to make last minute changes on the fly, while mixing the spots. This all turns a soundtrack into the perfect soundtrack.