COOP Tsch Tsch

Mungo Jerry grading

Grading & period matching

For COOP Switzerland’s latest Tsch Tsch campaign, Postoffice provided the VFX, CGI and grade. The Tsch Tsch tagline has been known in Switzerland for many years. But where did it come from? In 4 totally different ads full of CGI, we’ll find out!

All ads were directed by US based director Jon Barber. He created a unique vibe and humour for each of the ads. Please take a look on our site for the other films.

This time we take you back to the 70’s. The band Mungo Jerry is hanging out and firing up the bbq. Then they get inspired for their next song. That’s how it happened!

On a three day shoot on locations throughout Switzerland we worked closely with the production team to capture great footage for these ads. The whole Tsch Tsch campaign was shot by DOP Fabian Wagner. His experience as DOP for Game of Thrones meant he knew exactly how to line up his camera for us to put the CGI dragon in on of the other ads in the campaign. His general style is great as he the captured different styles perfectly in each ad.

Grading in Amsterdam

The grade for the whole campaign was done by our Senior-colourist Patski. She did a deep dive in 60’s/70’s film stock. Taking reference from woodstock footage among others. Patski’s analytical skills helped in first having a research phase to identify different film stocks, presenting these to director Job Barber and from there we picked a route. Meticulously matching luminance, saturation, blur, grain and all other small details that make footage look like they’re from this period. Another great way example of why Patski is considered one of The Netherland’s best graders at the moment. We offer grading in Amsterdam, but also offer very efficient remote grading.