Coop Grillsommer

CGI heavy TV commercial

Coop is starting off this year’s barbecue season featuring a cute, relaxed bumblebee. Viewers take a trip across town and country: a perfect barbecue day from the point of view of a friendly, relaxed bumblebee. The feel good commercial is directed by Andreas Bruns, together with Shining Film Zürich.

Like the fire-breathing dragon and the hungry bear from Coop’s Grill campaign the slightly clumsy bumblebee was also created by the VFX artists of Postoffice Amsterdam. Challenged with the task to create a lovable creature an extensive concepting phase took place. Our VFX team combined a cute and relatable design with realistic characteristics and materials to make sure you wouldn’t drive away this bumblebee from your outdoor dinner, but let him join the party!

And those mouth watering food shots? Leave that to our senior colorist Patski. Her grading made sure each shot will make you longing for those lovely long summer barbeque nights! Having grade in the same facility as the VFX department at Postoffice gives us the advantage of having these to work together perfectly.

Clients can review their grading work at the Postoffice in real-time, no matter where they are. You can stream high-definition footage with precise color accuracy, using HD 10-bit color depth, 4:2:2 chroma sampling, and extremely low latency. Whether you’re viewing it on a calibrated monitor, laptop, iPad, or even an iPhone, all you need to do is click a secure link to join the live grading session. This means you can work faster and collaborate more efficiently, without having to wait for renders, file uploads and downloads.