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We crafted the latest international Zespri campaign and did editing, visual effects, sound, music and voice over. Moving away from traditional stop-motion shoots, Postoffice Amsterdam achieved a stop-motion feel with full CG characters.


Character Animation for Zespri

We create lovable characters with personalities that an audience connects with. These characters can live in a full CG world or get seamlessly integrated into live action footage. For Zespri we created the characters with a multimedia approach in mind keeping us flexible for TV, web and print. In the fully CG animated campaign, we achieved the stop motion feeling using a technique that is called “animate on two’s”. Classic animation is a fluid 25 frames per second movement. However in stop motion this is cut to 12 frames per second, resulting in the subtle jittery motion we know and love from this style of animation. Our 3D software together with top tier animators recreate this style of animation. Resulting in the great stop motion look and feel and the flexibility and speed of 3D animation.


Zespri Voice Over by Postoffice Voice Casting

Postoffice Voice Casting casted and recorded all the international voices. Our voice casting director Chantal Kunst explains how we did it.

We love a good challenge. When Achtung! ad agency called us with this casting briefing, we glad fully took on this massive, exciting project. The campaign entailed several lengths and versions for TV broadcast, online and social media in 6 languages performed by 11 artists. They needed to be able to act – channeling their inner kiwi- and Kiwi Green had to sound significantly different from Goldie, as they have different characters. Starting our casting process, with the elaborate casting briefing in mind, we let the magic happen. Beginning to explore our existing database and scouting the possibilities beyond, to not only meet the briefing, exceed all expectations and give the client a wide variety of excellent artists, all with their own specific tone of voice and voice style.

We had the privilege to cast two Kiwi Brothers for 5 countries; Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium and Italy in 6 languages. Working with 2 professionals per country, even 4 for Belgium which of course has two official languages French-Walloon and Flemish. The Italian version actually only has one brilliant professional, who is portraying both Kiwi’s. We love to work with versatile and talented voice actors, who can transform flawlessly from the one character to the next.

voice over

Being able to work remotely, which has grown significantly more important during COVID-19, with native artists working globally, we were able to provide the cream of the crop. By doing so, our client can choose between the best possible voice over duo to portray the Kiwi Brothers Goldie and Green. Working from their own studio, or attending other studio’s abroad, we have been able to make the perfect duo’s. For The Netherlands and Spain, we could record in our own beautiful high-end sound studio’s in Amsterdam. Read more about Postoffice Voice Casting here

Postoffice Sound & Music for VO recording, sound design and music

Our experienced team of sound designers not only recorded and directed the voice overs, they also created a gorgeous sound design for the commercial, creating all the sound effects and melodiously sung sound logo. One happy client makes for one happy voice casting director!