In this fun commercial for Volkswagen a dog doesn’t except to be just the dog of the family but keeps proving his family he deserves a spot in every part of their new Volkswagen. This leads to hilerious tricks a “normal” dog couldn’t do. For us it was the challenge to replace the real dog were necessery and let the CG-dog out. We copied the physique of the dog with photogrammetry. This is a technique were multiple camera’s take a picture of the object from different angles and with help of computersoftware calculates a 3d model.

This model was taken to our grooming artists to give it fur the real dog also has. During this phase we simultaniously created a digital skeleton and controls to make our CG dog move just like a puppeteer would make his puppets move. To make it even more realistic we simulated the jiggling of the fat and skin on the dog. For some shots we replaced some of the bodyparts of the realdog with our those of our cg-dog. And for the heroshot we used our full cg-dog.