Je hebt meer impact dan je denkt

Postoffice had a chance to work together with Ysabelle Tierie, Christopher Groelle and Simone van den Bogaard from DDB Unlimited to creating this energy awareness film for Vattenfall.

For this project we had the technical challenge of simulating millions of lightbulbs filling Dam Square. We first created many different variations of lightbulbs, different shapes, sizes, colours and glass types. Then on set we took all the necessary measurements and recreated Dam Square in 3D so the lightbulbs could accurately simulate around the buildings. Once the set was ready, we then created giant piles of lightbulbs that we simulated falling down and filling the square.

Using all our computing power every night to calculate millions of interactions between the bulbs, we end up with a natural, physically accurate simulation. That simulation was then composited with the footage to give us a nice integrated shot.

Our sound & music department created the sound design for the bulbs, by making unique glass sounds to give the images even more impact.

3D simulation, Compositing

Led lights slowly lighting up on Damsquare

Look Development