Happy Meal

Special effects for McDonalds

Postoffice joined forces with IAM image and Scholz & Friends to bring this McDonald’s spot to life. We got involved especially early on to help directors and creatives visualize the final result. Our VFX supervisors on set made sure all the data was captured to assure the VFX and composite process was as smooth as possible. This project required both compositing and CGI. Hence our artists started early on, designing the T-rex and the effects that would surround the superhero. The T-rex was developed with a simulation system, making sure all the muscles and the fat jiggles on every move he made. This adds to a sense of weight to the animal. At Postoffice we try to build up every creature anatomically correct. This affects animation and our final result to give us the most realistic output in compositing.

There was also loads of compositing that went into this project. The superhero scene was augmented to make it more interesting, also all the wires that held up the hero were removed. And a lot of general touch ups and special effects were done to the environment in compositing.


Our grader Patski took care of the awesome grade for this project. Setting the right mood between all the different scenarios that play out during the ad. In a short timespan we enter and exit different lighting scenarios. Patski had to make sure you really feel these changes while keeping the whole ad a cohesive piece. Working in close contact with director Jörn Threlfall and the creatives she developed this natural look in the restaurant while giving each of the other worlds their own grade. The director flew in from London to join us on site in our Amsterdam studio. The rest of the creatives joined in via our remote system. Offering a smooth grading across countries during the project.