Sound Logo

A sound logo is one of the key assets of a brand identity, just as a visual logo is. Can you imagine a brand without a visual logo? Nike without a Swoosh? Adidas without the Three Stripes? Or McDonald’s without the Golden Arcs? Of course not it’s possibly the most important part of the brand’s identity. At least for the visually inclined.

Research shows that people are divided into visually inclined and auditory inclined groups. The visually inclined are triggered by image on memory and intention the auditory inclined by sound and music to spark memory and recognition. On top of that the combination of image and sound will enhance memory and attention by all groups. From this we may conclude the importance of having a unique and recognisable for your brand that stands out and that helps remember your brand instantly among the public.

How to create a Sound Logo?

At Postoffice we have a long history of creating epic and well memorised Sound Logos for brands such as Jumbo, Albert Heijn, Wall’s and AOL, to name just a few. Creating recognition takes stamina and repetition as you can see in below Youtube clip about the history of maybe the most well-known Sound logos of all time. Intel, which has the same tune running since 1970. They’ve stuck to the same melody, even though it has been restyled over the years.

sound logo audio

The great thing about playing just a sound is that it sparks the memory instantly. Even if a viewers’ attention may drift away during a commercial certain sounds will always act as a reminder of….anything really. Any of these sounds ring a bell?

So, whether it’s a melody, a sung phrase or ‘just a sound’ at Postoffice we will be able to link your brand to the right sound to make it stand out, be remembered and spark instant recognition. All you have to do is play it. Over and over again.