SFX - Cocoons


There is an Unlimited in everyone. Dutch mobile operator T-Mobile shows this in their new campaign full of SFX. Whether you are into art, gaming, artificial intelligence or others, their ultrafast networks using glass-fibre and 5G technology help you reach your goals, without limits.

Apart from the great art direction and film direction, music and SFX plays a very important role in the film. We captured Sharon Kovacs’ amazing vocal performance in a very inspiring session, using mainly warm, analog recording equipment to get the most out of her unique voice. This really adds to the liveliness and impact we created in the mixing and mastering process of the music.

SFX for T-Mobile

To lift the commercial to a cinematic level, we created sound design (SFX) for some key moments. Thunder, robots landing, but also the subtlety of fabric rustling in the wind. The biggest advantages of getting to do music and sound, is that you can really get into detail about the balance and impact of the two.

The film has a high exposure on tv, online, and in cinema. Our VFX team took care of the endshot, where all the characters from the ad come together in a beautiful composition.

We truly believe that we are Unlimiteds as well.