2D animation style

Postoffice joined forces with Wunderman Thompson Antwerp to bring this wonderful spot for Scooore to screen. The ad was directed by Postoffice’s in-house directing duo Boyo and Tom. They worked with their team on giving it a one of a kind 2D animation look and feel. Even though the spot has a 2D look and feel, we created the animation in 3D. We also used our own technology the Postoffice Crowd Tool to build the environment and playing field.

The main message of the commercial is to use your instinct. In the ad we follow the famous counter of Belgium against Japan during the World Cup in 2018 when they we’re tied 2-2 against Japan. Lukaku’s perfect move of stepping over the ball to let Chadli score in the last seconds of the game is one of the great Belgium football moments and we wanted to honor this.

For this ad, Boyo and Tom wanted to show a couple of key players in this action. Their VFX team crafted digital versions of Courtois, De Bruyne, Chadli and of course Lukaku himself in a unique style. Apart from the VFX we also created the music and sound design. Postoffice’s composer Bram Kniest crafted the soundtrack to match the energy of the stunning visuals.