Radio 538

Op 538 hoor je alles

Always innovative, rebellious and out of the box; that’s radio 538. Together with agency The Family and VFX supervisor Ton Habraken we created this creative new commercial.

Postoffice worked on all the flying 3D objects, the big ears and transitions between the DJ’s. Before the shoot we created a previsualization edit in the computer, so we knew exactly the timing of the flying elements. This helped the DJ’s to react and act at the right time.

The shoot took place in a green screen studio in Amsterdam. Only a few props were on set and most of them were only used for tracking purposes.

The long sequences were technically complex, particularly when it came to tracking the ears. We used a combination of in-house tools to integrate everything smoothly. Full 3D scans were made for all the DJ’s to make sure the ears tracked correctly.

Ton Habraken did the compositing, grading and finishing. It was a great collaboration!