Robert Doornbos stars in this campaign for Prominent.

He is a former Formula 1 driver for Red Bull Racing, and now well-known as a tv-host for the dutch Formula 1 broadcasts on Ziggo Sport. On top of that, he got to do some casual F1 simulation racing with the Royal Family on Kingsday 2021, live on national television. Now that’s a career move.

In the Formula 1 business it’s quite hard to find a chair, with ten teams offering a total of only twenty seats. Let alone the perfect chair! And once you’re in it, there might be a competing driver or two looking to take over your seat.

The same goes for that comfy chair in the livingroom. It better be perfect, right? And once you’ve found it, at a Prominent store of course, chances are that your wife is after your chair the minute it is delivered to your house.

These two situations come together in this documentary style commercial. The lap around the Zandvoort track – which will be part of this year’s F1 championship – is the climax of this film.

Marcel used the original recordings of Robert’s Porsche, added some quality sounds for more depth, created a rich pitlane-garage atmosphere. And since just big is not big enough, he threw in some brutal sounds created with his beloved analog synthesizer.

Enjoy the ride!