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Pilgrim - 8D Audio

8D audio is shaking our world these days. Sound clips of Billie Eilish songs moving around your head or barbers giving you virtual haircuts are going viral. And yes, it’s awesome how it gives us the impression of experiencing live music and sound all around you, like never before, right from our own headphones.

8D audio for immersive music & sound

8D audio is an adapted term for what actually is 3D sound, or immersive sound. There are even 16D, 17D and probably even 99D mixes out there, but in the end it all comes down to 3D. It triggers our imagination in a very pure way: by listening. Can you even start to imagine what effect it has when it’s used in visual media like commercials, movies and series?

Postoffice Sound & Music has been working with this technique for quite some years on numerous productions. We have brought our sound design and mixing to the next level. Our experienced and highly creative sound designers really make the difference for your 3D sound mixes. In our high end studios, at no extra expense compared to stereo sound mixes. We can work with material you already own to boost your production. We can start from scratch. Or even help you out with a concept at Postoffice Create.