World Cup

Postoffice crowd tool

Crowd tool using CG technology

Postoffice develops custom scripting and 3D/VFX technology to optimise content creation for specific industries. The limitations of using a crowd in e.g. TV commercials related to big sport events is an issue that several of our clients experienced. During the preparation of the World Cup 2014 lots of brands needed a CG stadium including crowd. It’s a hassle to organise a photoshoot and repetition of movements often results in a dull animation or commercial. To solve that problem we’ve created the Postoffice Crowd Tool. We’ve filmed real supporters in front of a green screen and added the crowd content in Maya via a plugin. The crowd can be managed in detail with our CG technology.

Advantages of Postoffice Crowd Tool

Using the crowd tool results in the following advantages:

  • Creative freedom; customise movement of supporters (standing, cheering, wave etc).
  • Our 3D/VFX technology is flexible; adding new movements or let the crowd wear different clothing.
  • Fully 3D so no camera movement limitations at all.
  • Use real supporters in front of a green screen or 3D animated models.
  • No need to organise a photoshoot to film supporters.