McDonald’s – Air Balloon music

Another great example of what we can do for you at Postoffice Sound & Music.

Music production

The music for this commercial was delivered in layers by the composer, who asked us to do the mixing and mastering of the track. He also included a guide vocal track. Upcoming singing talent Jelle Lauf came to the Postoffice Sound & Music studios to record his beautiful vocals. Such a treat!

In a later stage he even did some last minute changes from his holiday address, a boat in Greece. It surely helped to catch that summery vibe we love so much.

Our history with McDonald’s

It’s always a privilege to work our magic on McDonald’s commercials. Their worldwide campaigns are well known and regularly adapted. In the Netherlands, the brand really puts a lot of effort in creating local ads of worldclass quality. In the past years they had an orchestra play a live and personalised soundtrack while you were eating your first Maestro Burger, turned a McDrive into a drivethrough cinema including live voice-over coverage from your backseat, and even created a tropical island that you could privately own for a day. Including a good meal, of course.

You would say it’s not easy to top those ideas. Spoiler alert: TBWA/ did it again.


For the summer campaign of 2021, McDonald’s has a special delivery in store. Or rather, on the streets. In this film we see a slightly nervous but charming guy pick up his order at a McDonald’s restaurant. He jumps on his electric scooter and follows the live GPS location he receives from his friends. A trip through the beautiful city The Hague takes him to the countryside of our green little nation, where he is just in time to deliver the food to his friends before they all drift off in the air together, in a life size McMenu hot air balloon. Burger, shake, fries, the works!