Mission Possible Partnership

Motion Graphics


Postoffice Amsterdam created motion graphics, VFX, composed the music, added sound design and casted the voiceover for this beautiful animation for Mission Possible Partnership. “Supported by an expanding network of nearly 300 partners across industry, finance and policy, they are empowering high-ambition sector initiatives in seven target sectors, together working towards one end goal: net-zero emissions.”


From storyboard to final production, everything was created by Postoffice. Music and sound design were created simultaneously, giving the whole sound experience a very rich all-in texture. They have an important role in adding depth to the stunning visuals.

Motion Graphics

Teaming up with Edelman Amsterdam, we were tasked to design abstract motion graphics to represent key industrial sectors that will be partnering up to positively impact our climate. To create these effects, we needed to find the right balance between abstract and readability to deliver an important message.

We first started with simple storyboard drawings that would interact in some way with the logo of the Mission Possible Partnership. Using this storyboard, we created style frames to help guide our 3D artists in both style and artistic direction. We ran through many different iterations of each design for each industry they should represent, giving our artists the creative freedom to think outside the box and find what works best in the context of the film.

Upon landing on the desired artistic direction through these styleframes, our 3D artists quickly built simple 3D animations to guide the timing, composition, and over all feeling of the edit. Utilizing the procedural workflow of Side Effects’ Houdini software, we once again were able to quickly iterate and find the desired flow of the film. From here it was time to develop these animations further by adding detail, materialization and lighting to stay in line with our original concepts and styleframes.

The final composited renders of these motion graphics stayed true to the message and art direction of the project due to our iterative workflows and methodologies.