Nature Detectives Mania animal animation

CG animal animation

For Swiss MIGROS supermarkets, we’ve created CG animal animation, characters and artwork for the fall promotion called Nature Detectives Mania.

The Nature Detectives Mania campaign features a physical book in which kids can collect stickers of various animals found throughout Switzerland. Postoffice worked on a lot of the imagery for this. We’ve created two characters called Mia and Leon which are the detectives in the story.

We create lovable characters with personalities that an audience connects with. These characters can live in a full CGI world or get seamlessly integrated into live action footage. We’ve created long lasting company mascots for clients such as Booking.com, T-Mobile and Volkswagen. We create our characters with a multi media approach in mind keeping us flexible for TV, web and print.

The character design process will begin with 2D and 3D sketches to find the right concepts. A material study in collaboration with agency and director will guide us towards a palet of materials. We give characters charisma which audiences can connect with.

Character Creation

Postoffice has made many types of characters ranging from cartoony and stylised to photo-real. We work together with creatives and director to find the perfect character designs. Eyes are the window to the soul and are a common pitfall in CGI characters. In our years of experience we’ve gained extensive knowledge about creating highly detailed eyes with a real depth that the viewer can connect with. No matter what we end up with, Postoffice always assures seamless integration with the real world of CGI environments.