Making of: Dr. van der Hoog - Natuurlijke klasse

We partnered up with creative agency Gleijm & van der Waart and created a new commercial for Dutch Cosmetic brand Dr. van der Hoog.

The footage was captured against a chromakey green screen using 5 different cameras. Recording in 50 fps allowed us smooth slomo and speed ramps. The Arri Alexa (main camera) and remaining four Canon7D cameras (for technical details) were used to capture the model. By gathering the data from all cameras, we could accurately track the model’s movement through the room.

VFX visual effects Postoffice Amsterdam

D.O.P. Tom Driesen flew out to sun-soaked Miami and brought back the cityscapes on which the re-constructed 3D background was based.

The model’s floral dress was created by a Dutch designer and then recreated in 3D. Countless flowers, leaves and petals were scanned, modelled and animated one by one. On top of that a custom Python script was written by our 3D-animators, which allowed us to quickly manipulate the flow of moving flowers. E.g. change the speed and velocity of the wind.

VFX visual effects Postoffice Amsterdam

For the lighting of the 3D dress we chose to use HDRI techniques. Platforms used were PFtrack / 3D Maya / Nuke / Flame & Scratch colour grading.