Character reel

CG character creation by Postoffice Amsterdam

At Postoffice we are specialised in creating CG characters, from photo-real to cartoony! This is our passion and what we do best. We create lovable characters with personalities that an audience connects with. These characters can live in a full CGI world or get seamlessly integrated into live action footage. We’ve created long lasting company mascots for clients such as, T-Mobile and Volkswagen. We create our characters with a multi media approach in mind keeping us flexible for TV, web and print.

Focus on worldclass quality and in-house tech

Our creative director Boyo Frederix comes from MPC London where he supervised the most high profile MPC adverts of the last years. His involvement in our character projects makes sure the quality is of the highest standard achievable. His team of world class creative artists is in the top tier in advertising and all have over a decade of experience in character animation and photo-real VFX. As one of the most awarded VFX supervisors he creates characters that come to live and connect with audiences.

Postoffice uses it’s in-house fur technology, developed over the last years, to provide photo-real fur. We work in micro detail, ensuring the character holds up in wide shots and extreme close-ups, so we’re ready for anything. We build up most of our animals with muscles. Even if they’re stylized and have a non realistic anatomy. Developing an anatomy and giving the character muscles and fat will increase it’s believability as a real living and breathing character.

Efficient 4 step approach

  1. STEP 1: Study session with agency and brand to define the key characteristics, look and feel.
  2. STEP 2: Dozens of sketches will be created with multiple ideas for the character.
  3. STEP 3: CGI Creation. Postoffice will move into 3D and keep on interfacing with all parties to make sure we’re on the same page. We will screenshare sessions where creatives can follow the process in realtime. Here we’ll finish the character up with realistic fur and clothing. and it will get it’s skeleton to be able to move around.
  4. STEP 4: Finishing touches and Production-ready CG character.