Halsey, SUGA - Lilith Diablo IV Anthem

CG smoke simulation

Discover how VFX and CG smoke in music videos revolutionize the industry. Millions of Diablo game fans worldwide eagerly anticipated the release of Diablo IV by Activision Blizzard on June 6, 2023. To commemorate this event, popular music artists Halsey and SUGA (from BTS) collaborated on a powerful duet, accompanied by a haunting music video directed by Henry Hobson. The video, released simultaneously with the game, provided the soundtrack it deserved. Noise Studios LA and Postoffice joined forces to bring the underworld to life through visually stunning CGI effects, including walls of black smoke, swarms of arrows, and the mesmerizing transformation of Halsey into Lilith.

CG smoke simulation

This dark and intense video takes viewers on a captivating journey, made possible by advanced visual effects techniques. Noise Studios LA, Postoffice, and the creative team behind the project worked closely with the director to develop visual effects that would accurately convey the mood and tone of the song. Once the concept was finalized, a combination of 3D simulations, compositing, and other techniques were utilized by the team to create the breathtaking effects showcased in the video.

Among the most impressive CGI effects in the music video is the transformation of Halsey into Lilith, skillfully achieved by Postoffice through a blend of 3D modeling and compositing techniques. The result is a visually stunning scene that perfectly captures the power and intensity of the song.

The Role of Visual Effects in Music Videos

Visual effects have become a vital component in modern music videos, allowing for awe-inspiring landscapes and otherworldly creatures, adding depth and texture to scenes. The collaboration between Halsey and SUGA for Diablo IV’s soundtrack exemplifies how visual effects can be utilized to create an emotionally engaging and visually striking experience for viewers. Witness the transformative impact of VFX in music videos.

CG smoke Diablo