IP suisse

The film “Buddy” for IP-suisse was directed by Andreas Bruns for Markenfilm. It was a great collaboration from concept to final film. We wored together on creating the cow and the whole process of first previs animations to final grade.

CG Cow

For this IP-suisse spot, Postoffice was tasked to create a CG cow for almost every shot. As Postoffice always does, we dived deep into the anatomy of the cow. Building up the cow from bones, muscle, fat and skin and added a nice realistic layer of fur. We worked together with director Andreas Bruns to get to the final result. Our lovely Heidi.

Our on-set supervisor was at the shoot in Switzerland to take all the needed set reference. He captured the light data and made 3D scans of the sets.¬† Using the 3D scans we could accurately lay-out the CG camera’s and start animation. Because of the anatomically correct model we also ran simulations to calculate the muscles and fat jiggle on every move. Adding to the realism of the whole shot.

IP suisse

The final grade was done by Patski. A not too heavy realistic grade with soft colors while giving great attention to our cow. We used our remote setup, streaming 10bit color accurate footage, to connect to the team abroad. As the grader of choice for many directors worldwide, Patski uses this remote setup to be