Migros BIO

Who better than the animals benefiting from it to endorse Migros supermarkets’ refreshed BIO label? We take a look behind the scenes of a testimonial shoot where various CG animals advocate for Migros Bio, presenting their favorite products as representatives of nature. They contribute to the new claim: “The choice of nature.”

CG Animals

Together with CZAR, Postoffice designed and created several CG animals to star in this campaign. By combining in-camera footage of the actors on set with our CG heads and hands, acclaimed director Bart Timmer was able to give each animal its own character, based on the exact performance of the cast during the shoot. Our animators had a lot of fun translating the actors’ characteristics into our CG animals, using their subtle movements and comedic timing for a perfect animonial.

To achieve a convincing result, Postoffice closely collaborated with the production-design department from the very start. Our artists designed custom padding to fit under the actors’ clothes, ensuring realistic connection between the CG animal heads and the human bodies. This integration allowed our compositing artist to seamlessly incorporate all CG elements into the films. Through the collective efforts of Migros, Thjnk, Czar, and the entire creative team, the refreshed BIO label became synonymous with making a positive impact on the world, one shopping cart at a time.


Our grader Patski took care of the awesome grade for all films. Working in close contact with director Bart Timmer and the creatives she developed the natural look for the set, and made sure the CG animals looked their very best! Amsterdam based  director Bart Timmer did the grading in our Amsterdam studio while the rest of the creatives joined in via our remote system. Offering a smooth grading across countries during the project.

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