Music Production

BMW were looking for a new sound to introduce their new line of hybrid vehicles, or ‘plugin hybrids’ as they are called.
A new high-tech line of cars with an eye for the environment but still offering ‘Sheer Driving Pleasure’ or, like the Germans say: ‘Freude am Fahren’. A modern car with soul!
BMW asked for a piece of music which was contemporary, breathing enjoyment, and with a true feeling of soul. Technique in touch with care for the planet and the enjoyment of driving and life itself.
To achieve this, one of our composers Bram Kniest – who is also the drummer of Go Back to the Zoo – teamed up with American soul diva Michelle David. Michelle is well known for her Gospel Sessions, but she has also worked as a background vocalist for Diana Ross and Michael Bolton.
The track turned out great with its quirky modern groove and electro and remix elements. The stunning and raw soul vocals Michelle added in the session just really make it work and bring the tune to life perfectly in sync with the images.