Kane Documentary

A story recorded

The Sound & Music Department at Postoffice Amsterdam had the distinct pleasure of handling the audio post-production for Videoland’s captivating documentary about the legendary Dutch rock band Kane. The documantary presented an exhilarating challenge to capture the raw energy and emotional depth of Kane’s music and story.

The four-episode series dives into the electrifying world of Kane, one of the Netherlands’ most iconic rock bands. “KANE: A Story Recorded” offers an introspective look into the heights and lows that shaped KANE’s legacy, including meteoric rise to national fame, artistic evolution, their aspirations for international recognition, and their abrupt end in 2014. This end left fans and music enthusiasts with many questions, which the documentary aims to address. It features over 100 hours of private footage from the band’s founders, Dinand Woesthoff and Dennis van Leeuwen, providing a narrative that gives justice to the band’s rich history and answers some of the fans’ most pressing queries.

PostOffice Sound & Music: Audio post production for TV series and documentaries

The Sound & Music department of PostOffice Amsterdam loves to create sound and music productions for TV series, films and documentaries. Our work is broadcasted on large streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Videoland. Our team embarked on a journey to elevate the documentary’s auditory experience to support the film’s narrative. From subtle nuances in the dialogue, to the powerful crescendos of Kane’s performances. We proudly took on the challenge of handling the audio mixing and sound design. The first two episodes feature an immersive 5.1 surround mix, bringing the viewer right into the heart of Kane’s performances. The KANE documentary was more than a project; it was a celebration of music and storytelling, brought to life through the magic of sound. Our dedication to auditory excellence shines through in this documentary, making it a testament to our passion for bringing stories to life through sound.