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Animation CG rooster

Animation CG rooster

Postoffice teamed up with Circle productions and Leo Burnett Toronto to create this epic ad. Working together with director Chris Balmond from Outsider London, Postoffice delivered the VFX and grade.

We built a full CGI rooster specifically for this ad. Since there were shots featuring a real rooster we made an exact digi-double. We started from a 3D scan of our real hero rooster. Researching every detail from the rooster up until the smallest details. Since we knew the ad would feature extreme close-ups, we worked on a very high resolution when sculpting this asset. We sculped the skin to be able to hold up in extreme close ups. Then we went on to meticulously place every feather according to the real rooster.  This pushed our in-house fur/feather technology and creature animation pipeline to the limits.

The biggest challenge was making sure the movements of our CG rooster were believable and matched those of the real rooster. To do this, we invested a lot of time in studying footage of real roosters. In the end, we are extremely proud of the result and grateful to have had the opportunity to work on such an ambitious project.

Grading in Amsterdam

The epic grade was done by our senior colourist Patski. Her grades have blessed our best projects of the last years and for this one she went above and beyond to deliver the perfect look. Once more cementing her position as one of the best graders in the industry.