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How would you touch me

“How would you touch me”: The Award-Winning Musical Masterpiece Crafted by Postoffice Sound & Music

Postoffice Amsterdam is renowned for its unwavering commitment to pushing creative boundaries, and their latest triumph highlights their pioneering role in harnessing the power of AI in music creation. Collaborating with a stellar lineup that includes Handpicked agencies, Dennis van Leeuwen from Kane, and the talented choreographer Nicola Hepp of The Movers Amsterdam, Postoffice Amsterdam proudly presents “How would you touch me,” a groundbreaking song that recently claimed top honors at the AI Songcontest in A Coruna.

A Trailblazing Musical Experience: Where Artistry Meets AI Music Innovation

“How would you touch me” is more than just a song; it’s a captivating journey that showcases the forefront of music innovation. Featuring an enchanting duet between the remarkable singer Zoë Low and a voice generated by artificial intelligence, this song blurs the lines between human artistry and AI-powered wizardry. The result is a mesmerizing sonic adventure that strikes a chord with listeners on a profound level.

This remarkable achievement is a testament to Postoffice Sound & Music’s pioneering spirit and their position at the forefront of music creation with AI tools. The song’s victory at the AI Songcontest is a reflection of the team’s unwavering dedication and visionary approach to AI-infused music.

Making Waves in the Media

Notably, “How would you touch me” garnered significant attention from the press and was even featured on the Dutch ‘jeugdjournaal.’ This recognition underscores the song’s cultural impact and the innovative approach to music creation with AI tools by Postoffice Sound & Music.

Experience the Magic

To experience the magic of “How would you touch me” for yourself and immerse yourself in this extraordinary fusion of music, art, and innovation.

At Postoffice Amsterdam, we believe in defying conventions, pushing creative limits, and creating art that resonates deeply with audiences. “How would you touch me” stands as a shining example of our dedication to creativity, innovation, and our leadership in creating music with AI tools. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we continue to explore the endless possibilities of artistic expression.

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