Create digital worlds to tell every story

During COVID-19 lockdowns, shoots remain impossible or impractical for a long time. Postoffice presents methods to keep producing fresh content for your audiences. Collaborating with major agencies, production houses and directors throughout Europe and North America we’re able to offer a remote production service to create Ads Without Shoots.



Full CGI

Our VFX department creates worlds from scratch. These can range from stylized to cartoony or fully photo-realistic. We use 3D scanned materials and photographic lighting to create vibrant and lively CGI worlds. Our team of concept artists draw and storyboard these worlds first in a collaborative design process.


Product replacement reel


Re-use existing content

By combining existing footage with CGI we can repurpose existing ads for new products. There’s the ability to change cars, packs, environments, characters.

Our product replacement reel shows how we worked with Uniliver and it’s worldwide ad agencies to re-use content by changing products. Both static packshots as well as shots where actors interact with the products.

Renault car replacement


CGI Car replacement

This breakdown shows how we took an existing Renault ad and replaced the car with a CGI vehicle. Adding back reflections and shadows for seamless integration. With this method we can re-use and repurpose the hundreds of hours of beautiful footage that brands have.

Environment Reel


High quality stock

With the use of high quality stock material it’s possible to create breathtaking ads. Especially when combining this with CGI and VFX to push the material to the next level. We’ve done full CGI character ads based on stock material for backgrounds and putting the creative time and budget into the CGI character. Our environment reel shows several cases where we’ve used stock to either enrich or totally create a shot. Because of the endless amount of high quality stock material to be found in conjunction with VFX, directors can create amazing ads via this method.

CGI Character reel


CGI Characters

Combining top design, craft and in-house technology, our team brings beautiful characters to any screen. From photo-real to stylised; we craft characters that connect with a global audience.

Our creatures are built anatomically correct from bones to fur. Constant development of proprietary technology allows us to speed up these traditionally time consuming steps. Allowing us to bring these techniques, traditionally reserved for the motion picture industry, to the advertising world.

In these turbulent times, CGI characters can become even more important than before. We give them the right emotion to tell the message of a brand and reach the people you want.

And when we combine a character with our motion-capture solution, they can move the same as an actor would. We have a motion capture suit that is portable and digitally record the movement of people. We don’t need to capture an actors movement in a studio but it can be done from our ‘home offices’.

Every character you can think of is possible. From monsters and cartoony families to photo-real crowds. Do you want to know more about our characters, motion capture solution and all its possibilities, don’t hesitate to contact us! We love to tell you more.