Fitting the pieces together to create that flow and look that captures your vision

Ad Rietvelt, Editor

Editing is where it all begun for Postoffice, not surprisingly this is where our true passion lies. Over the years we have become undeniably good at finding and moulding footage to tell a compelling story whether its a music video, TV series, commercial, corporate film or feature film. Since our start in 1986 we gathered a varyingly curious collection of work, from Tina Turner music videos to Dutch feature film De Bende van Oss.

We work with Smoke, Flint and Flame to integrate and assemble non-animated and animated pack shots, logos, title sequences as well as animations by itself. We easily shift gears by e.g. involving our VFX department to add extra value to your offline edit through the use of 3D or compositing effects.

Our editing suites run on Avid and Final Cut Pro or After Effects. You can call upon our editors but also bring your preferred editor and just rent out our suites for a required period.

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